Kat Gordon

The 3% Conference, Founder

Kat Gordon has been called the “triple threat” of an entrepreneur, ad woman + marketing to women expert and was named one of “30 Most Creative Women in Advertising” by BusinessInsider in 2016, Visionary of the Year from Advertising Age in 2018, and one of “Forty Over 40” women disrupting the world in 2014. She is the visionary behind The 3% Movement. Started as a passion project to spotlight a huge business opportunity in advertising — the lack of female creative leadership and its impact on connecting with an overwhelmingly female marketplace — the 3% Movement has grown exponentially since its 2012 launch: hosting events in 17 cities globally, and offering consulting and certification programs that amplify creative cultures.


Kat Gordon – Session

3:15 PM - 5:15 PM @ Hampton Inn & Suites
Category: Creative, Social Media,

Everyone has ideas. But few people master the art of turning ideas into words and actions. Committing your ideas to paper (or pixels) and backing them up with behaviors causes a powerful shift. What you think becomes something others can witness, support and contribute to. Whether you’re an individual on a social mission or a marketer building a brand, everything you do takes on momentum when it’s backed with words and deeds.

In this workshop, learn the following:

  • – How to capture inspiration when it strikes (hint: keep an index card + pen in your car and by your bed)
  • – Distinguishing between a worthy idea and a mere observation
  • – Journaling an idea into your unique point of view
  • – Choosing the right place to release your idea into the wild
  • – Identifying your amplifiers
  • – Translating your idea into action
  • – Calendaring out your action in doable doses
  • – Inviting others to co-create with you
  • – Awarding yourself for your most successful efforts
  • – Learning your personal rhythms for creative inspiration

Kat Gordon – Keynote

3:50 PM - 4:50 PM @ Regal Cinema
Category: Creative, Keynote, Marketing,

Advertising Age magazine named Kat Gordon Visionary of the Year for 2018. Hear her vision of how creativity will have a historic breakthrough when we shift cultures to be truly inclusive. Rethink (and unlearn) everything you’ve ever heard about diversity and inclusion, transforming it from a box-ticking exercise to a culture-exploding opportunity.