Jasleen Kals

NomNomNow, Head of Content Marketing & SEO

Jasleen Kals has been in the content game for nearly six years. During which she took notes from freelance writing, lead gen, customer success and SEO to create her power play in content.  She is a part content marketing, part editorial, part SEO – content strategist, who has built her content direction on the backbone of data, raw human feedback and her gut. After many years of finding success consulting on SEO driven content strategy, she has done a 180 into the brand world, now building content for a Series A, rapidly growing startup.


Jasleen Kals – Keynote

9:20 AM - 10:10 AM @ Regal Cinema
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Content Marketing is a highly sought after discipline that embodies 5 core disciplines: Editorial, Brand Marketing, Content Strategy, Content Writing & Digital Marketing.  Without each of these, the Content Marketer will not find success.

Jasleen made a transition from Digital Marketing to Content Marketing and learned very quickly what it means to be a true Content Marketer.  As an SEO focused Content Strategist, She had to de-prioritize (and yet prioritize) Google with a 3x traffic goal hovering above her head. Did she achieve this balance? Join Jasleen while she takes you through her journey of successes, failures, must-haves, have-nots, and an overall experience that will define the way she approaches Content Marketing for the rest of her career.