Britney Muller

Britney Muller

MOZ SEO & Content Architect, Swivel Emcee

Britney Muller, a proud MN native, graduated from the University Of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a major in Strategic Communications – Public Relations.

Britney now resides in Denver, CO where she began teaching herself code in 2010.

Data is Britney’s yellow brick road. She knows just how to optimize businesses online and offline conversion rates through in-depth geo-local target market and customer acquisition research.

Muller stays on top of her game by pivoting strategy month-by-month via google analytic evaluations, taking any new algorithmic changes into effect, dynamic targeting, A/B testing, eye tracking and multi-channel content evaluations.

In her spare time she enjoys snowboarding, golf, cross-country skiing, reading, knitting and spending time with friends and family.

But if we’re being honest, she truly loves playing around with APIs, scraping data, reverse engineering websites, and getting better at python, javascript and Ruby in her spare time as well.

Britney’s Motto: If you aren’t living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.