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Marketing, advertising, search, design, creative and entrepreneurs converge during the Swivel Conference, and we think there is some serious value for you here.

Opportunities for any Budget    

Swivel has sponsorship opportunities for every budget. Starting at $300 we can get your message in front or our conference attendees. If you have taller goals and higher ambitions, we can include you in our larger campaigns that include online, television, radio, newspaper, email blasts, along with event exposure opportunities. Check out sponsorship opportunities and let us know what fits best. We look forward to helping you find the best fit for you. For more information about becoming a sponsor, please email our Swivel Team.

Our Awesome Attendees

Folks that come to Swivel are influencers and big-picture people. And since they’re into social media, it means they talk a lot, spreading the word about you and your company. We have a track record of attendees who are:

  • Leaders, Innovators and progressive professionals from agencies, marketing departments, web development firms, and an assortment of entrepreneurs
  • Active and respected in their business community – from regional to national
  • Connected to other decision makers in the region and from around the country

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In recent years, SEMpdx has sponsored because we have identified it to be a valuable educational conference in our region. In addition, our Board of Directors has been attending year after year to personally benefit from its current business topics and excellent speakers.
— Alan George
President of SEMpdx